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Team Mascots 

Every case and every animal who comes through our doors is special and is treated as such. However, there are some animals who hold special places in our hearts. These are our honorary team members, our team mascots!

Chipie the Cat


This beautiful siamese, pictured here with the clinic's first emergency cell phone, was Dr. Delfino's baby upon his arrival to the island. Sadly, she passed away after falling victim to a hit and run motor vehicle accident.
She was the clinic's original namesake and is in part the drive behind the team to educate the local people and to try and prevent any animal from going through the same suffering.
She is loved, missed and always remembered.



Vet Clinic Isla
Delfino Vet Isla
Arnold the Spider Monkey


Arnold the spider monkey was rescued from the Mundaca Zoo (since closed down after PeTA intervention) here on Isla Mujeres. He presented in a near comatose state with an extremely high fever and severe Hepatitis infection.
The undertaking to save him was a huge team effort with cooperation from volunteers who nursed him through the nights as well as from human doctors and a child physiotherapist.
Incredibly, Arnold survived and overcame his paralysis, eventually regaining full range of motion. A special enclosure was built for him to recover his strength and relearn some of the instincts he had forgotten through years of being tied to a tree and fed corn chips. Arnold was never able to live with other monkeys but is now living out his days in an enclosed area of the Sian Ka'an nature reserve.

Che the Dog

This lovable Australian shepherd mix was heavily abused as a pup before being abandoned and kicked out on the street. He was brought in to the clinic after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, his front right leg could not be salvaged and so it was amputated, but as they say, dogs have three legs and a spare, and the surgery has not slowed him down in the slightest.
He was very distrustful and had not been properly socialized so, despite various attempts, he was unable to be adopted. He lived at the clinic for almost four years and during this time he saved countless lives by acting as a blood donor for patients in need. This angel has now retired and will spend the rest of his life running around the yard at Kai Creamer's house and patrolling the beach he thinks he owns.

Vet Clinic Isla
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