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Meet the Team 

Meet our incredible team who work relentlessly day and night to provide the highest possible quality care for the animals and pets of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The team's strength lies in its ability to maintain an incredibly high standard of care while working with very scarce resources.  It is without a doubt that their passion and love for the animals shows through in every aspect of their work.

Dr. Delfino Guevara  


Delfino Guevara D.V.M. graduated from the UNAM University of Mexico and the University of Paris and is the founder of the Isla Mujeres Veterinary Clinic. His years of experience in the field dealing with scarce resources and the often naive pet-owning population coupled with his intellect and drive for an always scientific-based approach makes him an excellent team leader and teacher. He has a passion for education and believes the root of all animal suffering lies in the lack of education of the general populous. He taught at the local college for two years whilst juggling the veterinary practice and has since retired from teaching but continues to educate the younger generation through class trips to the clinic and the clinic laboratory as well starring in a weekly science program on a local children's television show. His work is greatly appreciated and admired by the locals as he is kind and knowledgeable as well as being responsible for initiating the humane stray animal control measure of trap-spay-release on the island.

Isla Mujeres Vet
Isla Mujeres Vet
Kai Creamer Shorey

Knowing from a young age that she wanted to become a veterinarian, Kai Creamer joined the clinic as a volunteer as soon as it opened at the age of 8. Learning everything she could from Dr. Delfino, her job as an animal trainer, and her studies at the Royal Veterinary College of London, Kai works everyday to continuously improve the service and quality of the clinic, as there is always room for improvement, and knows that the path to a brighter future lies not only in providing excellent quality medical services but also in public education and in increasing the local awareness of proper animal care. She hopes to take over the clinic one day alongside Rossely Gonzalez.

Rossely Gonzalez


Rossely began volunteering at the clinic in 2005 while training to be a paramedic and working at the local hospital. She became enamored with the work we do and the animals we cared for and so made the switch to study veterinary medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan.
She has proved to be indispensable over the years as a veterinary assistant, then veterinary technician, and eventually veterinarian. 
She hopes to take over the clinic one day alongside Kai Creamer.

Isla Mujeres Vet
Señora Mirna


Mirna joined the team in 2010 as our custodial engineer but has since evolved into our very own super woman! The love and compassion she has for our resident cats and kittens waiting to be adopted is inspiring, and as if that wasn't enough she runs all the behind the scenes aspects of the clinic with military precision.  She ensures we always have a fresh supply of surgical equipment and that all our medication is in order.

Vet Clinic Isla

We are eternally grateful to all our volunteers, past and present, local and visiting. Whether you came as a veterinarian or veterinary technician to lend your support, cleaned cages or just gave the adoption kittens some much needed affection, we thank you.

Vet Clinic Vet
Isla Mujeres Vet



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