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As the only veterinary clinic on the island we offer both primary and specialist care to all the pets and stray animals of the island as well as caring for our more exotic native animals when they are in need. Our basic services include...


Documents for Pet Travel Abroad

All the necessary documents and health checks to travel internationally with your pet, includes advice on how to modify your plane ticket and the appropriate carriers.

Dog Bathing

Available by appointment only.

Dental Care

Animal must be fasted. Please make an appointment.

House Calls

In special circumstances where transport is not possible and during emergencies. Available by appointment only (except in emergencies).


Wellness Exams

Spay & Neuter

Animal must be fasted. Please make an appointment.

Emergency Care

24hrs a day. Please call (044) 99 81 07 90 80


Except in emergencies animal must be fasted. Please make an appointment.
Please Note 

We DO NOT take part in mutilations for aesthetic reasons such as ear cropping and tail docking.

There is only one emergency line - please ensure you do not occupy the line if your situation is not an emergency.

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