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The campaign

Eight years ago we initiated a permanent program to aid in the humane control of the stray cat population of Isla Mujeres. This is our free spay and neuter program which runs 365 days a year.

Thanks to this campaign, any and all stray cats brought in to the clinic by volunteer trappers, local people and tourists will be spayed or neutered completely FREE OF CHARGE.
The program is a trap-neuter-return program meaning that once spayed, the cats will be returned to the exact location where they were initially found. This is done as most cats on the island are feral and have quite specific territories. They can continue to live out their lives in a much healthier manner, fed by our volunteers, without contributing to the stray animal population.

How it works.
Cats are trapped and brought in to the clinic in the evenings, they are then left overnight as they must be fasted for the procedure. The stress and discomfort from the operation are minimal and within 24 hours, once they have fully come around and are readily taking food and water, they are taken back to the location were they were caught and are released. During the surgery the cats are tagged by clipping a small triangle out of their left ear  This marking allows us to identify animals already spayed and prevents unnecessary re-trapping.
Bioabsorbable sutures are used and preemptive antibiotics are given to allow for a quick release and therefore a rapid turnover.


This is internationally regarded as the most humane way to tackle the overpopulation program.

Free Spay & Neuter Program

Delfino Isla Vet

How can you help?

Though these procedures are provided free of charge, there is a cost to the clinic in obtaining all the medications and materials (gauze, gloves, etc.) which are used in the surgery. As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on donations and no amount is considered to small. Every single donation is greatly appreciated.



What should I do if I see stray cats on Isla?


Weather you are a resident or are visiting for a few days, if you notice stray cats near your home or hotel which are not spayed, please come in to the clinic. We will happily provide you with traps and the necessary instructions to trap the cats in a manner which is safe both for you and the animals. Please take care however to check if the female has had a recent litter. Pregnant cats, even heavily pregnant ones, can be spayed but to take a nursing mother away from her kittens, even for 24 hours, could put them in great risk.

Though we do have volunteers who aid in feeding the spayed street cats, if you are in the area feel free to pick up some cat food in the local store and give the kitties an extra snack. They will most certainly appreciate it, as will we. Please do not feed the cats too close to the local restaurants.

Vet Clinic Isla
Vet Clinic Isla
Vet Clinic Isla

Humane cat traps.

Ear notching.

Cat in recovery.

This is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt method of donation through our benefactor Helping Animals Living Overseas HALO.

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