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Your new best friend is waiting!         

Dogs & Puppies 

Due to the limited space at our clinic, we are currently undergoing an expansion, we rarely keep more than one or two puppies for adoption. However, if you are looking to adopt an island puppy fear not as we are happy to put you in touch with Isla Animals (Click Here to see their page) a local charity canine rescue and shelter. They always have a steady supply of pups in need of a forever home and are highly experienced and proficient in the transport of puppies overseas so you can take your new friend home with you!

Please Note      

A forever home is just that, a FOREVER home. Before considering adopting one of our lovely kittens or one of the beautiful puppies from Isla Animals please remember that taking on a pet in a huge responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. Please take this responsability seriously.

Cats & Kittens

There are a huge number of cats and kittens currently in the clinic just waiting for a new home! All of our cats and kittens are spayed and health checked. Sadly, adoption rates are not as high as we wish they were and, though almost all the kittens arrive at the clinic at around 3-5 weeks of age we now have a large, and growing, population of adult cats, some now several years old, as they were simply never adopted. It is especially hard for us to have black cats adopted as the local community is superstitious about their bringing bad luck.
If you would like to open your heart to an Isla Kitty we are able to provide the necessary travel documentation for you to take them back home with you. Please consider helping an island cat finally find its forever home.


If you do fall in love with a four-legged friend during your stay on Isla Mujeres, DON'T PANIC! You may not have to say that heartbreaking goodbye after all!
Transporting your new friend back home with you is actually a lot easier than most people think. We have successfully flown animals all over the world and kittens and puppies from our island have settled down as cats and dogs worldwide.
We can take care of all the documentation and talk you through the process of procuring the proper carrier and making the simple changes to your plane reservation. And then you're off! With your new furry best friend in tow!
Did you know most airlines flying out of Cancun will even let you carry kittens and small puppies on board with you instead of a carry-on.
Contact Us to learn more.


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