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​Originally founded in the year 2000 by Dr. Delfino Guevara under the name "Clinica de Chipie" the clinic is a non-profit charity organization which provides primary and specialist care to the pets, strays and wildlife of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


Vet Clinic Delfino

Information about the clinic and the team who keep it going.

In the 14 years since we began we have seen drastic changes in the local community's understanding of pet care. We are working towards a future in which awareness of animal husbandry and necessary veterinary care is heightened through education of the general public.  We are excited to be a part of these changes.
Isla Mujeres Vet

"Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality of surgical, medical and nursing care to our patients while working with owners to ensure appropriate resource allocation, we aim to treat each and every animal as if they were our own."

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